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Day 1

08:00 (in 1 day)

Welcome Message

Jan Beyer, Miguel Reizinho

08:30 (in 1 day)

Iron Forge - Announcement

Markus Rollbühler

09:00 (in 1 day)

Presentation - Brickvention

Michael Peebles

10:00 (in 1 day)

Presentation - Minifigs

Tore Alexandersen

11:00 (in 1 day)

Presentation - Fairy Bricks

Kevin Gascoigne

12:00 (in 1 day)

Lunch Break

13:00 (in 1 day)

Panel: BrickLink AFOL Design Program & LEGO Ideas

Tanja Friberg, Hasan Jensen, Marvin Park

14:00 (in 1 day)

Panel: From 0937 to LEGO Designers

Marcos Bessa, António Ricardo Silva, César Soares, Pablo Gonzalez, Tiago Reis Catarino

15:00 (in 1 day)

Talk: The Shaping of Spaceships

Nick Trotta

16:00 (in 1 day)

LEGO Batman Puzzle Challenge

Rod Gillies

Day 2

08:00 (in 2 days)

Presentation - Classic themes are dead... or are they?

Richard Jones

09:00 (in 2 days)

Presentation - From Neo Classic Space to Neo Fabuland

Dale Harris

10:00 (in 2 days)

Presentation: A MOC analysis

Jonas Kramm

11:00 (in 2 days)


Tiago Reis Catarino

12:00 (in 2 days)

Lunch Break

13:00 (in 3 days)

Presentation - Bricknerd

Dave Schefcik

14:00 (in 3 days)

Raffle + Quiz

Kevin Gascoigne, Miguel Reizinho, Are M. Heiseldal

15:30 (in 3 days)

Iron forge - Competition Winners

Markus Rollbühler, Simon Liu

16:00 (in 3 days)

Closing Message

Miguel Reizinho